Vacaville Patrol Team Vacaville Patrol Team Napa 172764083 Pt Reyes 172764084 Sly Park 172764085 Point Reyes Kim, Sharon and her husband Mike riding on the beach. 172768293 Tried to delete and it won't let me. OOPS 172768294 Sharon and Lola at Point Reyes 172768295 Stewart Ranch, Point Reyes Sharon & Kim 172768296 Stewart Ranch, Point Reyes Horses are high lined and resting. 172768297 Vicki & Jack on the beach 172768298 Skyline Park, Napa Talking with some very nice local mountain bikers. 172768299 Skyline Park, Napa 172768300 Lynch Canyon Sharon and Kim 172768301 Lynch Canyon 172768302 Lynch Canyon 172768303 Lagoon Valley (Pena Adobe), Vacaville Vicki's horses Jack and Butterscotch looking over the lovely hills of Lagoon Valley. 172768304 Lagoon Valley (Pena Adobe), Vacaville 172768305 Lagoon Valley (Pena Adobe), Vacaville 172768306