Vacaville Ladies Practice at The Running I Ranch Vacaville Ladies Practice at The Running I Ranch Sharon & Lola This obstacle is a teeter totter bridge. It moves as your horse crosses the middle of it. Challenges their balance and the feel of things moving beneath their feet. 172765518 Vicki & Jack The Running I has MANY different hides around their course which really challenges horses with different smells. Many horses struggle with not only the smell of hides, but the feel of them too. 172765519 The Hide Pull This obstacle has a hide on a running line. You pull it form one end to the other and tie it off. 172765520 Sharon & Lola give it a try 172765521 Kim & Zar 172765522 Lola not sure about the tires 172765523 Zar moves through the tactile obstacle easily 172765524 Kim & Zar in the water crossing 172765525 Vicki & Jack move though easily 172765526 Great Water training at Running I 172765527 Zar and Kim do some pond work 172765528 Lola in the water obstacle 172765529 Jack is not to sure about those tires 172765532 Git Up there Jack! 172765533 One of MANY log obstacles 172765534 Up & Down work with precision 172765535 Jack & Vicki cooling off in the pond 172765536 Lola isn't to sure about that hide! 172765537 Up and out Lola 172765538