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About Us

ETP was started in 1999 by a group of dedicated equestrians committed to serving the unmet trail safety needs of rural Sacramento.  

Today, our group has expanded our service area to include numerous communities across the Valley forming a broad, cohesive equestrian connection.  We are now known as the Sacramento Valley Equestrian Patrol or SVEP. 

As it was in the beginning, the goal of SVEP is to support local Rangers by providing an equestrian presence in the areas of our parkways and trails that are difficult for the Rangers to access by motor vehicles. 

SVEP is known as the “eyes and ears” of the Dry Creek Parkway and other local parks and trails.  SVEP is pivotal in reporting and preventing littering, garbage dumping, vandalism, and other illegal activities in the rural areas of the region.  

As we celebrate the growth of our organization, we continue to look for ways to provide public education on trail safety and the preservation of the equestrian lifestyle. 

We strive to better serve our communities by volunteering to work at outdoor public events and engage in any public  functions that will benefit from having a horse and rider presence.

What Does SVEP Do?

SVEP members:

* Patrol the Ueda and Dry Creek Parkways and Gibson Ranch, watching for illegal dumping, and promoting public safety. 


* Help protect trails and parkways throughout Northern California by reporting disturbing  findings to the local authorities. 


* Are not Peace Officers but assist Officials, whose existing duties spread them much too thin.


* Serve the community by working at public events.

Ground Patrol

There are also times when our horses take a rest and we set out on foot to clear trails, creeks, and parkways in partnership with the oversight agencies of those areas. SVEP members are very active in the Sacramento Creek Week. In addition, many SVEP members  participate on community advisory boards and committees.

 Creek Clearing

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